Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DWAN - Jessica Lange a damsel in distress

In 1976 I fell in love with Jessica Lange as DWAN - you know like Dawn only with the W before the N...Her beauty and mannerisims and airy quality made her my America's sweetheart.  Everyone knows the story right?  She's kidnapped by the natives of Skull island and taken to their village in the jungle where they drug her and dress her up in their native garb and then tie her up as a tribute/sacrifice to KONG...but instead of eating her...he falls in love and wants to hug her and squeeze her and pet her with his thumbs and call her george.
   Even now at her age Jessica is still a beautiful lady.  Her roles on American horror story just show off her brilliant acting chops and once in awhile she even gets a little sexy...even with the lines in her face she still makes my motor hum.  But in 1976 when she was just a young beautiful actress...she was just too sweet for description...personally I loved King Kong 1976 and I recommend the film to any who has not seen it.  Just for Jessica alone.


Agent Triple P said...

Do you know, I've never seen the 1976 version because it got such bad reviews. maybe I need to seek it out. I remember her in The Postman Always Rings Twice which I went to see with my girlfriend and it certainly had a pleasing effect on her!

Mikeyboy said...

Give it a is actually a pretty cool film. Never mind the fact Rick Baker is running around in a suit and they use a lot of trick photography and they use big mechanical puppet hands and a giant KONG puppet for the scene with him in the cage on the was the best they could do for that I thought it was cool. I was feeling that feeling I never had again until I saw the first Jurassic Park