Monday, April 15, 2013

"SAVAGE WOLVERINE" the series...

Guest starring SHANNA -  OH NO! SHANNA the SHE-DEVIL  has been run through with a spear! Is this the end of my favorite female Jungle girl character at Marvel?

Hope not...I think some JU JU voo doo magic is gonna save her...gotta wait till the next ish to find out!   A few weeks ago someone alerted me to the fact that this series was going and Shanna was involved.  I knew then and there I needed to go pick it up.  FRANK CHO is once again drawing spectacular APES AND BABES and Claw poppin' Wolverine are some sneak peaks at the amazing art of Mr. CHO - and a spoiler...oops I gave it away.  But seriously I hope they don't kill her off...that'll just suck!    What I want to know is..." Who is the bald chick sending those great big GORILLA's after Logan?" Stay tuned folks!  Pick up  "SAVAGE WOLVERINE"  NOW!     SHANNA and WOLVERINE and all this art is used for review purposes only and is the  property of MARVEL COMICS.   I make zero profit by posting these images on my blog.  My review... " It's great I love it! "

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