Saturday, December 12, 2009

FRAZETTA'S Jungle women

I believe this is warranted. Yes you have seen a couple of FRITZ'S pcs on these blogs already but here are a few more. There are so many great works to post so I chose these. I copied these from the UNOFFICIAL Frank Frazetta page.


Mikeyboy said...

Frank Frazetta died I heard this news on 5-10-10
I am extremely bummed out. It was because of him that my fantastic imagination got me through my early years..his art , style and tecniques were indeed unique. No other person created such passion in the field of Sci fi and fantasy art. There are many great artists out there but he stood out like a big bright shiney sore thumb of greatness.

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

I really never even gave a thought to how interesting this stuff is, I've always liked super hero comics and stuff but these pictures are so amazing and so realistic!