Monday, May 13, 2013

SHANNA lead figure

I was browsing around in a store called FOURTH WORLD COMICS it's in Smithtown New York here on Long Island.  I came across a series of painted lead figures.  Them entire dossier of Marvel Characters is available in lead.  It would be a neat little display to have in a studio or Trophy room.  I saw SHANNA and just had to have her.  So yeah...I bought her for 14.95.  The figures come with a magazine loaded with art and character bios.  I have my SHANNA on my dresser next to my wallet and keys...and spare change. 
                                                  This image here is taken from the web.


Anonymous said...

She's nice! They've managed a pretty face too which they don't always on these figures!

Mikey D. said...

My shanna figure fell and broke...both her arms are off...gonna need super glue to reattach them...does it work on lead? Hmmmm