Thursday, December 16, 2010


I found these pics of some cosplayers on a profile page on facebook. It's called " SEXY SUPER HERO WOMEN " I thumbed through it checking out all the little super heini...I mean HONIES.
I was looking for specific girls ( Specific super hero girls that is ) I found this little collection of gorgeous she devils. I was going to try and get on the friends list but it's for ladies only. Ladies who like ladies. I respect that. At least they leave it open to the public to browse and look at the pics. Very cool. BUT>>>you also have to have a facebook profile in order to check it out. So...before I sign off FOR REAL this time until late January sometime. I'd like to share with you SHE DEVILS!!!!


Mikeyboy said...

I intended to stop 3 posts ago but I just kept coming across cool new stuff to share. Being the type of manic person I am...I needed to post these now. Merry Christmas and Happy New year folks. ;P

Mikeyboy said...

Hmm...I don't want people getting the wrong idea.
Someone has joined on as a follower but their profile is all about porn.
My blog is not pornographic and I feel the images and even the humorous innuendo I use from time to time is tasteful.
I am sorry but as soon as I can I will remove said follower and if needed...block them.