Monday, May 10, 2010


I DID IT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!  I finally got my Shanna tat.  I went to Tattoo Lou's in West Babylon NY.  A nice young man named Ray Alfano was the artist.  I sat there for 3 hours as he scrapped my skin and injected silicon base pigments into my skin.  OI!  It was like somebody was dragging a hot poker across my skin.  But I sat there and did not flinch and not even wince once. 
   Right now at this stage I'm still healing up.  But it feels like sunburn.  I keep it moist as it heals and the top layers of skin peel off just like sunburn and when it's'll be there forever.
    This image is from the cover of KA-ZAR #2 vol 2 by Gil Kane and John Romita .
Now that I have my CONAN tat and my SHANNA tat I will mull it over as to whether or not to get a RED SONJA on my forearm...I'm thinking about it.  I will post more pics of it in the near future after it completely heals up.

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