Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joe Jusko - Sheena - con pic

Joe Jusko had this piece on ebay for auction I thought long and hard about throwing my hat in the ring in the auction to attempt to obtain this lovely artwork and add it to my collection of pro's - art....I have a Buscema an Ayers a Haisen, I have a Simons a Sinnott a Simonson and a Mandrake...I have a Chan and a Mcdonnell and a Vokes.  I have a Buckler and a Bautista and several others as well.  My absolute prize would be the HERCULES by Big J.B....seconded only by the CONAN by CHAN!  I used to go to cons and pay for drawings the last show I went to sketch prices went up from 20 to 25 bucks to 50 bucks.
Now you see...people sell things on Ebay that they obtain at cons and spoil it for guys like me who love art for arts sake and aint looking to flip.  BUT Joe has the right idea...he can easily sell his art on Ebay whenever he so decides and cut out those guys who are looking to flip the art.  Of course it's all a business and I understand that...but I still love the art and I still have my heroes like Joe.  One day I will add a Jusko piece to my collection....but who'll it be?  CONAN?  SHANNA? SHEENA?  Only time will tell. :)

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