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LORNA the jungle queen

I found a really cool article to copy and paste on TOONOPEDIA but because it's protected I could not copy it to paste it. Instead I pulled this shmutz off of Wikipedia.
Basically it kind of tells you that SHEENA - created by Will Eisner is the first official comic book jungle girl and RIMA- is actually the first Jungle girl in literature. But LORNA a marvel character had a series in the 1950's at first she was LORNA the jungle queen for a few issues and then they demoted her to just being " The Jungle girl " no matter she's a Jungle girl nonetheless!

JUNGLE GIRL ( a stock character)

A jungle girl (so-called, usually an adult woman) is an archetype or stock character, often used in popular fiction, of a female adventurer or superhero in the jungles or rain forests of, primarily, Africa. The jungle girl is generally depicted as wearing a scanty animal skin as a dress or bikini. Though hair color varied, they are often depicted with long blonde hair. They are the female counterpart of such characters as Tarzan.

Jungle girls are often highly intelligent and some can communicate with animals. They are strong fighters, runners and swimmers, with high endurance levels, and often swing through trees on vines. Jungle girls often come into conflict with civilization and hostile tribes, often to find peaceful solutions to preserve their jungle environments.

The first such character was Rima from the 1904 novel Green Mansions. One popular character, adapted into various media, is Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, who, though created by American writer-artists Will Eisner and Jerry Iger, made her debut in the British magazine Wags #1 (1937). Sheena went on to star in the American comic book anthology series Jumbo Comics the following year.

List of jungle girl characters
Ann Mason (Fiction House's Jungle Comics)
Ayla (Chrono Trigger)
Camilla (Fiction House's Jungle Comics)
Cave Girl (Magazine Enterprises' Africa, Thun'da, and Cave Girl)
Cavegirl (A UK/South African TV series)
Dhalua and, in a more satirical manner, her daughter Tesla (America's Best Comics)
Fana the Jungle Girl
Fantomah (Fiction House's Jungle Comics)
Jana of the Jungle
Jane Porter (Tarzan)
Jann of the Jungle (Marvel Comics)
Jennifer of the Jungle (The Electric Company television program)
Jill of the Jungle
Judy of the Jungle (Better/Nedor Comics' Exciting Comics)
Jungle Girl (2007) (Dynamite Entertainment).
Jungle Janet (from The Tick)
Jungle Lil
Leopard Girl (Atlas Comics' Jungle Action)
Lorna (Atlas' Lorna, the Jungle Queen/Lorna, the Jungle Girl)
Meriem Cooper (Basement Comics' Cavewoman)
Meriem, wife of Korak
Nyoka (Fawcett's Jungle Girl/Nyoka the Jungle Girl and Master Comics), and the main character in the 1941 movie serial Jungle Girl.
Pamela of the Jungle
Princess Pantha (Better/Nedor Comics' Thrilling Comics)
Princess Rosella in Barbie as the Island Princess
Rima, the Jungle Girl, featured in 1970s DC Comics publications.
Rulah, Jungle Goddess (Fox Comics' Zoot Comics and Rulah, Jungle Goddess)
San (Princess Mononoke)
Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel Comics)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
Taanda (White Princess of the Jungle)
Tara Fremont (AC Comics' Femforce)
Two different Tiger Girls (in Fiction House's Fight Comics and Gold Key Comics' Tiger Girl)
The Tiger Woman
Tygra (Better/Nedor's Startling Comics; no relation to the ThunderCats character)
Veronica Layton of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World
Voodah or Vooda (spellings differ; only known Golden Age appearance in the obscure Golfing / McCombs Crown Comics #11, Nov. 1947, though character has been revived by AC Comics).
Zegra, Jungle Empress (originally Tegra) (Fox Comics)
Krista from Sid and Marty Krofft's The Land of the Lost (1992)

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