Saturday, November 14, 2009

JUNGLE GRRRL...WOW ( the women of wrestling )

I have many hobbies one of my hobbies was at one time being a fan of pro wrestling.
I occasionally watch it now but have kind of outgrown it. I do catch the WWE DIVAS in action once in awhile. One lady wrestling personality that I was a big fan of was
of course a Jungle girl character named JUNGLE GRRRL !
Erica Porter was WOW's answer to Tarzan. Erica Porter aka Jungle Grrrl not only looked very athletic during WOW but she obviously worked hard to improve with every match she had. Jungle Grrrl was one of the best wrestlers in WOW and was given a push as such. Jungle Grrrl looked solid with favorite moves including a splash and a diving head. After WOW finished up Erica took a while off to recover from a shoulder injury but then returned to the ring to work the Indy circuit. As Jungle Grrl Erica had a catchphrase "Don't hunt what you can't kill." and if WOW was to return her more advanced experience now might just make those words ring true. Since WOW Erica also scored a small movie role alongside Randy Savage in the first Spiderman movie and continues to pursue both wrestling and acting.

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