Thursday, April 11, 2013

John Solie TARZAN promo poster

You've seen John Solies work just about everywhere..just look him up and you'll be surprised at all the movie posters he's done.  I saw a blurry shot of a signed ( By all of the people still alive who have ever played Tarzan ) on Ron Ely's facebook page.  I was interested in knowing who the artist was and even inquired to Ron and the person who posted the picture.  " Who painted this poster? "  I never got an answer.
   So today while browsing Tarzan memorabelia on ebay...I saw a great scan of the poster and the artists name was clear as day. "John Solie"  I contacted Mr. Solie through his website and hope that I can buy an autographed print.  Anyway...included are the two images from ebay.... Enjoy.

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