Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Abbott and Costello comics number 2

Out of nowhere after 3 years of blogging my bestestest friend in the whole wide world who rarely ever visits any of my blogs ( Strange because I know him for nearly 40 years ) Sends me a link to ebay for this Abbott and Costello comic book from 1942. He said “I thought you might want this for your SHEENA blog”
Now just that thought in and of itself is very thoughtful in my opinion…but I thought to myself “ It’s my SHANNA blog. ” But the entire thought is what counts right? That’s a friend who comes across something like this rare comic and say’s “ I know who’ll appreciate this! ” the rest of the facts are irrelevant.
But the image was too small for me to use. So I did a web search and I turned up 3 pages from the comic as well as a better image of the cover! I would buy the comic book but who the heck has 80 bucks to go dropping on a comic book. MY WIFE’LL KILL ME !!! lol. However it is a comic book I’d love to have.
I’d love to know who did the art for the book. Annny way…enjoy checking out some of this bondage art from the 40’s. Wertham is rolling in his grave right now!

Click this link to see the entire comic book

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Anonymous said...

Since Shanna was derived from Will Eisner's Sheena character, your friend's gift seems appropriate.
The artwork reminds me of Jack Cole (Plastic Man).