Tuesday, January 3, 2012

La of Opar....

Over on facebook Michael Maikowsky created a fan page entitled " The artistry of John Buscema " of which I am a member of this fan group. During the week fellow member Bojan posted a cool Tarzan drawing from out of Marvels Tarzan issue 3...then later he posted the Frazetta piece...we were wondering and had a general discussion about whether or not Big John's piece was inspired by or even influenced slightly by Frazetta's version...what do you folks think? Bojan also shared a little story about the legend of the Frazetta piece. It's a commision and Frank originally drew the piece with ol' Tarz havin' a stiffy. But the commisionee asked him to change it...he obliged. Cool story eh..Enjoy.


Ernie said...

That's really great. Hope you go on blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Frazetta piece. Never saw it before.
Like it a lot.
I live in Lee County Florida.
It turns ou Frank died here . He had a winetr place 10 miles from my house. I never knew it till he passed.
I definatively would have looked him up.
He was a nice guy from Brooklyn.
And as you know a master and creator of the book cover art movement that started again in the 1960's with the Conan Cvrs.
Excellent site.
Any more commisioned pieces would be great to see.

Anonymous said...

It seems there is a lot of Frazetta erotic art which hasn't been published yet...

Mikeyboy said...

if you've ever seen his art books...you'd see all the cool little black and white nudes he's done....with Hillbillies and elves and nymphs and sprites and so on...when he was not bustin' out fantasy materpieces he was making little fantasy doodles...hmm cool name for a blog. FANTASY DOODLES