Monday, November 7, 2011

TARZAN 2012 Calendar - Cover by JUSKO !!!

Searching the web today for images from the new CONAN 2012 calendar I ran across this brand new 2012 TARZAN calendar. Upon seeing the cover I did a copy and paste and e-mailed Joe Jusko...I asked " Joe did you do this cover for this new calendar? " He replied " Yup " he then sent me an uncropped full image of the completed piece. That background is breathtaking and that Lion is magnificent! I can't get over the entire painting either. The detail and skill required is unimagineable. The trees the shrubbery the sky the mountains...WOW!!!...I know this is a JUNGLE GIRLS blog...but remember TARZAN is the LORD of the JUNGLE !!! More Jungle babes to come soon enough! For now...enjoy another Joe Jusko masterpiece.

( Click F11 for full screen )


Richard Arte Digital said...

Indeed it's a beautiful masterpiece! Thanks for sharing!

Michael May said...

I've been trying to decide what kind of calendar I wanted for next year. Decision made!