Thursday, October 6, 2011

"SHANNA and ZABU" by Moi

Over one hundred thousand page views or visits or whatever...that's pretty darn cool if you ask me. How many I wonder are repeat offenders? If you come to the blog and read my stuff and look at my pictures ( I borrowed from various sources and shared by the way ) Why then not just follow the blog? Regardless...I'm proud that my blog has the traffic it does because apparently I aint the only dude who loves JUNGLE WOMENS'S! I think that this momentous landmark occasion deserved something special so I drew up a pic of SHANNA and ZABU...I never drew a sabretooth before so don't mind him if he looks a bit like BILL THE CAT " ACK! "

I'm really loving this whole drawing thing again and slowly but surely I'm getting my chops back Women are not as easy for me to draw as men. Men are easy...women I have to stop and imagine what my idea of what a Jungle woman would look like, visualize it and then try to get it down on paper.

After 2 or three roughed up sketches..( With no reference photo's or other drawings to go from I whipped up this here piece of artwerks.) I hope you like it. Oh I aint done either...there will be more in the future so stay tuned. Mikey out!

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Pete said...

The Web needs a place to celebrate Jungle Women. Cheers!