Friday, July 1, 2011

One tracked side track....

I LOVE reading , I love singing , I love my wife , I love drawing , I love strumming my guitar , I love my comic books , I love my motor cycle , I love my rich and interesting back story from the time I used to get beat up on a daily basis by gangs of kids because I was a different color from them to when I almost broke my neck by jumping a ramp on a bike and my devious friend set the ramp a little higher when I was going up the hill to when I had a girlfriend who was the sweetest cutest most beautiful girl of my dreams to when she broke my heart and left me devastated and suicidal to when I went to pick up my schizophrenic brother at Pilgrim state and I saw a dude get out of control and smash an orderly in the nose and I saw blood fly and they needed to subdue him and straightjacket him and stick him with a sedative all for a cigarette. To my time at the KUBERT school and to meeting Jack Kirby , Curt Swan , Dick Giordano , Dick Ayers , Walter Simonson , Joe Kubert ( of course ) , Joe Jusko , Kevin Eastman and dozens of other comic book personalities Classic legends to the new breed. To all of the guys I am friends with on Facebook who went to KUBERT school with me who remember me and are successfully plying the trade of cartooning to this day. To my independent comic book/ fanzine HOLY WAR to sitting at a convention across from Walt Simonson , To when I joined a rock and roll band and sang up on a stage in front of people sometimes hundreds and sometimes just about a dozen or so. To when I met my wife to our wedding to our Honeymoon…to when I brought my 14 year old son into our home because his Mom could not handle his uncontrollable teen angst. To everything and everyone that made me who I am today and everything in between. I love it all. BUT…
I was reading “Michael May’s Adventure blog” and I saw that he was talking about the broad scope and direction of his blog and that this blog “SHANNA the She devil blogger” was among one of his favorite blogs. He noted that this blog is generally just about one thing in particular and not very broad by comparison in that it’s about Jungle girls and not much more. It got me thinking “ Is my blog ( Or blogs ) one directional and one dimensional and are they too secular in their spectrum and range?”
Well if you dissect it. You will find that not only do I have an affinity for ladies in animal fur but…I love comic books about them and movies and films and TV-shows ( Including cartoons ) I appreciate the beauty of a model wearing animal print under garments or bathing suits or lingerie and I always ( Occasionally actually ) provide a little quip or joke or amusing anecdote. But when you step back and view it from outside…you just see a blog about Jungle Girls. There are many directions I can go while blogging on the subject and have and do. But mostly in fact I do it to keep myself sane and happy and I like sharing. I enjoy Michaels blog and his writings and musings as well as the fact that I know he’s reading my stuff too.
I want to thank Michael for giving me food for thought and for reminding me that life is an ADVENTURE and we all have a story to tell. I have been around and I have seen a lot of interesting things and have had interesting experiences. It does not stop the Adventure continues.
For those of you who would like a signed copy of my fanzine published in 1995, contact me and I’ll send it to you free of charge. I’ll even pay for the postage. J..I just want to share. I will even provide you with a sketch. Lets add to the ADVENTURE and keep the world spinning round!

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Michael May said...

Ooh! I'd love to read your fanzine!

You can send a copy to:

Michael May
PO Box 600512
Saint Paul, MN 55106