Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jim Steranko pencils

Check out this cool ass thing I found on the web while browsing for images of my favorite covers for a Will Eisner's SPIRIT post. ( I do not know if they're original pencils ) Pencils from Jim Steranko's comic book folder from the 70's of the Jungle Girl who I believe is SHEENA. The art of comics is captured in a beautiful comparison shot in a piece by one of the greats in the industry. Jim Steranko. The man is a "Master" excellent masterful artwork indeed.

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Tony Robertson said...

Steranko has a thing for Sheena :). Besides the drawing here, he did 2 covers for a Sheena Marvel comic, and included her on the cover of his History of Comics Volume 2, and again drew her topless for his Supergirls calendar. If you have the early issues of his magazine Comixscene, you will see yet another drawing of her in an ad for an unrealeased project entitled the encyclopedia of superheroes.