Thursday, March 17, 2011


I obtained an advance screening pass ( from my local comic book store ) to see the new Extra terrestrial comedy PAUL starring SIMON PEGG and the voice of SETH ROGEN...the movie opens with two comic book collectors and English blokes on HOLIDAY. They come to the States to go to COMIC CON in San Diego.
Very early in the movie right around the 16 minute mark...Simons character is in his hotel room reading a comic book in bed. What comic book is he reading you ask? JUNGLE GIRL!!!
Now there are quite a few comic books in the movie and another one that is seen actually about 5 times in a scene that takes place in a comic book store is RED SONJA from DYNAMITE entertainment. ( In the background of course. ) But the idea...of the film and the whole premise is quite original. They drop references left and right in the movie to other SCi fi films and TV shows But I do gotta say...that this is one of the funniest FUNKIN' Movies I have seen in about 8oo trillion years!!!! My advice to you...go see the movie and laugh your sweet hairy space man balls off!!! Of course...look for all the comic book shots and movie references and get back to me.
List them out for me in casr I missed

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