Monday, February 14, 2011


Probably no other artist in the fantasy art genre inspired more people than Frazetta. His style and technique were unmatched. The man was a true master and showed everyone how to do it.
The people out there today...Fantasy covers and film posters and comic book artists. When they sit down to paint, draw or sketch...they are thinking....about Frank. In some form or fashion they are. That is how powerful his work is.
I was visiting ROMITA MAN Mike Burkey's site just looking around and came across these cool samples. Now I have to admit...I never heard of that strip TIGA...but man that post apocolyptic jungle girl got my attention. That is how you draw a woman in a loin cloth.
Next is a character design sketch/model sheet for the film FIRE and ICE the movie Frank collaborated on with Ralph Bakshi.
Look at those awesome images of PRINCESS TEEGRA in all her fine full figured form.
For those of you who have not seen the movie...go get one. Order it on Ebay or whatever. You need to do yourself that favor and see this movie. OK!? Okay.

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