Thursday, January 6, 2011


These pages are scans direct from the BACK ISSUE magazine # 43 “ Born to be wild “ issue. Along with a proper scan of the cover.
There are two elements I liked about the magazine ( Not including the Frank Cho cover ) and they is as follers.
1 - The author of the article pretty much thinks the way I do. All the elements from this blog - which pre-dates the magazine.
He even stole the title of the article from the cover of SHANNA # 1 just like me!!! ( In the name of fun )
All the important factors of SHANNA’s relationship with Marvel comics are mentioned in said article.
2 – The Carole Sueling interview section of the article. Her insightful inside look at the way things were done in that day and age was very enlightening. Her interaction with the editors and her co-creators was very important. Carole never did that many comic books. But she helped to create an ICON.
These days…..any fan of comic books knows who the heck SHANNA is. All in all I rate the article straight “A” Shoot….except for the interview…he probably used my blog for research…lol.


Geoffrey Gwin said...

I have this issue of Back issue!..It has some incredible background on Shanna and even Rima the jungle girl who made a few appearances on the Superfriends back in the early 80's..Lots of old shcool artwork as well which i also love...

Mikeyboy said...

The Rima article is my next posting.