Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More jungle chick / SHANNA art from here and there

While surfing the web and looking for images of Shanna , Sheena or whomever I can find. Artists Like Frank Cho or Budd Root or Bruce Timm or whatever. Sometimes I come across some pretty cool stuff. I found some very nice illustrations that are digital paint brush images and then I found some neat Sheena art from an image search. The best thing about all this is the searching. Sometimes I find image links to my blog here and sometimes I find links to other blogs on Blogspot...If I like what they're posting I follow that blog. In many case the artists names are not accompanying the art...I don't like that. SO here are a few more pieces I found in my search if anyone has any idea about who did what...let me know. I do know that the pencil sketch with SHANNA'S one boob exposed is by FRANK CHO and the image with the orange or red moon is by an artist whose last name is TENG. Submitted for your perusal , ENJOY!


Jay said...

Good luck--it's a nice blog!

Mikeyboy said... was a setting that BLOGGER changed on me. I changed it back and Now I's heppy again...Thanks to Cromsblood over @ CROM the ultimate CONAN fan blog for pointing it out for me. :)