Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Jungle and barbarian issue - it's going to have a huge SHANNA feature article with a gallery of some of the greatest artists to ever swing from a vine!!!
     Here are some of the names they're throwing around for this one...Anderson,Jones,Kubert,Chan,Gulacy,Redondo,Azzarello,Thomas,Boyette and Barry Windsor Smith all wrapped up in a nifty little FRANK CHO cover!!!
    I already have my copy on order and I can't wait!!!!


Mikeyboy said...

Still...aint that cubbie cuuuute?!

goat89 said...

Man, Shanna still looks the best by Frank Cho! ><

Ed said...

We sold a ton of these at NYCC (at our Captain Action/Savage Beauty booth)! Everyone loves this issue.

Mikeyboy said...

yeah..I'm going to need to re post this's all blurry...gonna need to make a scan of my copy and swap it out with this pic here. JUNGLE CHICKS ARE HOT!