Monday, January 18, 2010


Check out that mod logo man...dig it. TIGER GIRL is a one shot from the 60's. There were probably plans to produce more but it's anyones guess as to why the title never took off. DC and MARVEL comics have been and always will be the big wheels in the biz. So this little comic book got blown away.
I have a copy and after having read it I came to the conclusion that it's a shame this book never went anywhere. Jack Sparling does a bang up job on the heroine and the villiain the Wolfhound is a great idea. I collect a lot of obscure titles and consider even the most inexpensive finds priceless treasures. This comic book is one of my gems. Along with a lot of other comics that would be considered stupid, useless and worthless. But...they all mean a lot to me. :)


darkmark said...

Actually, it's not Dan Spiegle who did the art on TIGER was Jack Sparling. (He also drew a jungle girl in DC's short-lived BOMBA comic.) Jerry Siegel was the writer of this one. I still like this comic.

Mikeyboy said...

@ Dark Mark ....thank you. I always meant to change that and your reminder prompted me to do so. Much appreciated.