Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Origin re-boot

For those unfamiliar with Frank Cho’s graphic novel alternate Nazi version of Marvel’s blonde, voluptuous comic jungle-girl Shanna the She-Devil, let me just say this - the Nazi bio-engineered female supersoldier discovered in an abandoned remote island bunker surrounded by vicious raptors and the occasional roaming T-Rex is an incredible action-packed fantasy joy ride that makes Jurassic Park look weak by comparison.
This forgotten Nazi genetic experiment Shanna, who at first seems weak and child-like after being liberated from an incubation tube by a lost covert military team, soon matures in mere days into an intelligent and highly skilled killing machine that is virtually impervious to pain and resistant to both raptor claws and T-Rex teeth!


Mikeyboy said...

Boooooobies!!!! lol. C'mon you laughed.

Richard Arte Digital said...

This is the way they should have shown the Veronica's character, in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World tv series. Thank you for the post!