Friday, November 6, 2009

Movie posters dot com ~ ; > )

Many times I find my pics to copy and paste from sources on the net. One good place for pics or posters or lobby cards is Movie posters .com tay've got a vast array of prints and originals.

You can buy and have them send you a print or poster or you can have it custom framed. I myself have few ;obby cards from Sinbad and Tarzan films as well as signed aotographed 8 x 10's . I consider it a great source for any collector.


Mikeyboy said...

" They have a vast array " I hate typo's and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it so..this'll have to do. I have no followers anyway so who'll care : )

Sy-Ghud said...

I do.

But you don't post anymore so you don't care :)

Jon M said...

It is on extended hiatus... I will be back - Mike D. Thank you for visiting and commenting